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First question: what is a USP? Secondly, why do you need a USP?

Your USP is your unique selling proposition.

You want one because you need one. Otherwise, you’re just another voice saying “buy from me” that gets walked past without a second look.

The most successful advertising campaigns out there are the ones that highlight a single benefit above the rest.

A ‘category of one’

You have to be UNIQUE for customers to choose you over your competitors.

When you have a unique angle, you can use that angle again and again on all your advertisement platforms. it will keep working for a long time as long as the angle is unique.

The biggest thing about your USP is it helps you distinguish your business
from the competition.

If you want the best chance of selling your product into an existing and established market, you have to be better or at least different from how it’s perceived from the outside.

It’s always easier to sell a product that has a substantial benefit compared to the competition…

But when your product isn’t really much better, you have to at least make it be PERCEIVED as better by emphasising a unique characteristic…

You have to be faster, cheaper, easier to work with, better service, convenient, better guarantee, whatever you can do to distinguish yourself – but be careful…

you MUST be able to back it up with evidence if challenged!

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