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Multi million value deals completed over 15 years

We unlock the value in the business you built, so you have the freedom to focus on the future.

Where it all started

Darren Jacobs' (TOCA Founder) first company was started with no money and no customers, and at a time that Darren was a relative newcomer to the world of business. It was a small startup that quickly grew.

Just 6 years later the company was valued at £4m and was sold to a major communications organisation.

Along the way he had his first acquisition of a £1.2m telecoms company. He had developed a taste for taking on neglected companies and giving them new life.

Where we are today

By following his passions and investing in businesses that inspire him and peak his interest, Darren has been able to develop deal structures that genuinely benefit all. His aim is to support and inspire his business partners to achieve the enormous growth that they deserve. Investment is not simply about an injection of money, it is about the addition of a new set of ideas and strategies which will bring about change and growth.

Toca Group makes strategic, logical and win-win acquisitions to leverage a pool of untapped wealth hidden within the worlds small business community.

We unmask the complexities of buying and selling businesses and introduce business owners to ideas and opportunities that would otherwise feel out of reach

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