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Some good news from 2020

Exciting news from TOCA Salon Group hits the local press. Following the sad news that His & Kids had closed their Festival Place branch, we reached out and acquired the…
January 4, 2021
BusinessFood for thought

Free is NEVER free

I see so many business owners running on the pointless hamster wheel of free traffic generation methods. They’ll start off excited. The prospect of free customers makes them ooze with…
July 10, 2019

Cash is King

When businesses ignore fundamentals, everything else stalls. The owner is stressed, the staff pissed off, customers dissatisfied… Potential investors put off… Consultants refuse to get involved… Inability to get credit,…
July 4, 2019
Food for thought

The No1 Priority

If you’re a small business… and you aren’t making £3m-£5m in sales.   Then stop what you’re doing now and read this. Because if you don’t change things, you’re going…
March 23, 2019
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