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I see so many business owners running on the pointless hamster wheel of free traffic generation methods.

They’ll start off excited. The prospect of free customers makes them ooze with excitement.

A few months later, they’ve pissed away thousands of pounds.

Valuable time and money that could have been allocated elsewhere.

They were lulled in by the siren song of ‘free’.


Free is NEVER free.

It’s a myth.

Business owners think they can promote their business using “free” strategies like content marketing and SEO.

But here’s what they gloss over: they all take time… …and time is money.

All those ‘free strategies’ just aren’t predictable!

Look, free traffic from Google might have been easy when it just came out.

But it’s not the case anymore.

Even when you THINK you have free, it isn’t really free.

You pay with either: – Your time – Or someone else’s time.

Same with videos. Sure there are videos that go viral sometimes. But they’re one out of countless. And check this: most viral ones i know are the ones that used paid ads to get an initial boost to begin with!

It’s REALLY hard without that initial boost of paid traffic. So what’s the key here?

This: you want to learn how to acquire customers using paid strategies but learn how to do this via break even or more, ideally.

So if you spend £1 you want to at least break even or get more of that £1 as soon as possible.

Your business can’t NOT grow if that’s done. that’s when you have a money making machine. The way to do this is to offer your potential customers a cheap but good product to start building a relationship.

Get them into your ecosystem like that.

Then start building the relationship by staying in touch.

Constantly follow up.

If you did a good job, they will trust you and come back in the future when they need your service. especially if they see you’re around them again and again.

So you’re the first name they think of with their specific problem.

You do that by following up with them via email, direct mail, re-targeting etc.

So like i said, the initial key is to acquire customers at break even or more. When you get that working, you can use paid advertising and make money, so it’s not an expense but an INVESTMENT with a return.

if you can figure out how to do that, you can build a million pound business guaranteed.  Because then everything you sell is pure profit. You just need more things to sell.

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