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Sell your business to TOCA, find the freedom to focus on the future

We’re not brokers, we’re buyers, making it straightforward and stress-free for anyone wanting to sell their business, whatever the reason.

We value businesses fairly, and because there are no middlemen, the value we agree is what you get.

So if managing your business feels like a chore, or if it is getting in the way of your other passions, get in touch today, and see if we can unlock the value in the business you built.

“The sale of three salons to TOCA has been very straight forward. Darren and the team are a pleasure to deal with. They are straight talking and don’t play games. We agreed upon and concluded a deal in a very timely manner and they took a very pragmatic approach to conducting due diligence. If you are considering selling your business we would recommend talking to Darren and his team.”

Nic HopkinsFormer Director

Do you feel like you own a job
rather than enjoying your business?

You could be four simple steps away from living the life you’ve been working towards


We have an informal chat, collect some high level data and see if it’s something we both want to explore.

Deal Agreed

We present our valuation, explain the ‘maths’ behind it, and hopefully agree a win-win deal together.

Due Diligence

We conduct a fact checking exercise and produce the legal paperwork needed to complete.

Done Deal

That’s it… Paperwork signed, champers open, deal done… now you can focus on the future.

Almost every business owner
we talk to will have never bought
or sold a business in their lives.

And yet, it is by the fastest way to grow a business and equally the best way to realize a level of wealth that operating a business simply cannot provide.

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that working harder and harder on your business will pay off in the end.

Yet, if you take a look at the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, often, they’ve generated their wealth from the sale of their business, not by running it.

Could it be time to sell your business?

Why we started

A success story 15 years in the making

In 2006, Darren Jacobs took his first tentative steps into business ownership and now, more than 15 years later, he has bought, developed and sold dozens of companies – building a broad skillbase that truly defines him as an expert within his field.

Don't just take our word for it

“My business partner and I were looking for an exit strategy for our 20 year old successful IT Business. I was nearing retirement age, however my BP wanted continued employment.

Darren at TOCA he understood immediately what was needed, and tirelessly worked to present us an offer that suited both of us and our differing needs.”

“Darren and the rest of TOCA directors were as helpful as they could be, and the whole company sale went through amazingly quickly, once an agreement was reached.

I would have NO HESITATION in recommending TOCA to any company wishing to consider selling their company to them.”

Key Sectors of Interest

We are keen to hear about all good businesses, especially those that meet the below criteria

Hair & Beauty Salons
£80k - £500k turnover
Marketing Agency
£200k - £1m turnover
£400k - £2m turnover
£1m - £5m turnover

Sell your business and start living
the life you’ve been working towards.

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